Alejandro Conty Estévez homepage

Hi! I'm Alejandro Conty Estévez, senior engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Beware Conty is not a middle name, it is just that in Spain we get two family names: one from the father, another from the mother. But you may see me sometimes as Alejandro Conty, or just Alex Conty. If it is the creator of YafRay or a rendering engineer at Sony, or an Arnold dev, it is me.

List of publications

A Microfacet-Based Shadowing Function to Solve the Bump Terminator Problem (Ray Tracing Gems 2019) Alejandro Conty, Pascal Lecocq, Clifford Stein

Sony Pictures Imageworks Arnold (ACM Transactions on Graphics 2018) Christopher Kulla, Alejandro Conty, Clifford Stein, Larry Gritz

Talk: Fast Product Importance Sampling of Environment Maps (Siggraph 2018). Alejandro Conty, Pascal Lecocq

Importance Sampling of Many Lights With Adaptive Tree Splitting (HPG 2018). Alejandro Conty, Christopher Kulla

Talk: Importance Sampling of Many Lights With Adaptive Tree Splitting (Siggraph 2017). Alejandro Conty, Christopher Kulla

Course: Revisiting Physically Based Shading at Imageworks (Siggraph 2017) Christopher Kulla, Alejandro Conty

BSSRDF Importance Sampling (Siggraph 2013) Alan King, Christopher Kulla, Alejandro Conty, Marcos Fajardo

Open Shading Language (Siggraph 2010) Larry Gritz, Clifford Stein, Chris Kulla, Alejandro Conty

Parallelizing Automatic Induction of Langton Parameter with Genetic Programming (2007) Santiago Garcia Carbajal, David Corne, Alejandro Conty

Old Projects

YafRay (Yet Another Free RAYtracer) 2002. Now discontinued and rebooted as a new project YafaRay